Highland News Leader

Devotional: You have the power to determine how history will record your marked time

As I write, I am keenly aware that we are nearing the end of winter, though it seems that winter is putting up a fierce fight. We know that it is a fight that winter cannot win.

For Christ followers, we are marking time as we lean toward the dawning of Easter Sunday. We call this the season of Lent. In this season, we are invited to mark time by evaluating our relationship with God, self and others. This season is accompanied by prayer, listening and talking with God. We listen to God through Holy Scripture and through Holy Conversations with others and in the market places around town, through the voices and faces of the public.

Perhaps it has been awhile since you paused to evaluate your life, the choices that you have made that help to define how you have been marking time?

Take a moment and consider the following:

• What good works have you accomplished this week on behalf of others?

• Have you intentionally or unintentionally caused harm to another?

• And perhaps the most important question for all of us to consider is how have you stayed in love with God as you understand God to be?

Whether you consider yourself a follower of Jesus and/or a believer in God, this is your season. Your yesterdays with all of their mistakes are gone. Today, in this moment, you have the power to determine how history will record you marked time. Mark it well.

Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null, pastor

Highland Hope UMC