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Local woman, 88, scores big win on ‘Price is Right’ — a motorcycle

In case you missed Betty Boehm’s few minutes of fame on The Price is Right on Wednesday morning last week, she’s a winner.

“I’m 88, and I won a motorcycle, of all things,” said the Greenville woman, who celebrated her 88th birthday with a trip to California and tickets to the popular game show.

Will we see you riding it around Greenville, Betty?

“I don’t think so,” she said. “My son rides a Harley-Davidson, but I don’t think he’s interested in it. I’ll probably sell it.”

Boehm said she was surprised to get the call to “come on down” at the taping on Feb. 3. But she had just the right gimmick to get noticed: a T-shirt that said “I came to play and celebrate, it’s my birthday, I’m 88” on the front. On the back was her bucket list, with The Price Is Right at the bottom.

She wasn’t surprised that she won. She watches the show all the time at home. “I pretty well know what all the prices are.”

When she got the call, the entire studio audience pumped their fists and yelled “Betty! Betty!”

She then bid against four other contestants on a laptop computer for the chance to get on stage. The first two bids were $500 and $599. Boehm cunningly inched above that to $601. The last guy bid $1. Boehm’s bid flashed yellow and, before you know it, she was on stage getting a birthday kiss from host Drew Carey.

Her prize in a game called “Coming or Going” was a blue, white and chrome Triumph motorcycle with an 865cc engine and 5-speed transmission. The four numbers in the price were 9918 if she tilted them toward “Coming” and 8199 toward “Going.” She went with the winning $8,199. And the Triumph was hers.

Boehm was a teacher for 32 years and the principal at Dorris School in Collinsville for 15 years until she retired in 1984. She is a former resident of Collinsville.