Highland News Leader

Letter to the Editor: Taking flowers from cemetery is despicable

Dear Editor,

Where are those people’s hearts?

My daughter-in-law came from Kentucky to put spring flowers on her beloved husband’s grave (he passed away in August 2014), and she put the flowers in a vase around noon on March 28. I went out to the cemetery the next day around noon, and much to my surprise, the flowers were gone.

As I looked around, I noticed the flowers I put on my husband’s grave, which I had put out there two days earlier, were also missing. I checked my sister’s grave, and her flowers were also gone. As I looked around the cemetery, I noticed all the flowers were gone. The cemetery looked bare.

The cost of the flowers means nothing to the loved ones left behind; it is all the thought and caring that wen into the flowers that were stolen. Flowers are placed to honor our loved ones who have passed.

I hope some day that the people taking these flowers realize what they have done. I was sick at heart to have to tell my daughter-in-law what had happened to her flowers.

I have since taken more flowers to the cemetery, thanks to my daughter, who had some extra arrangements. I hope this never happens again. Remember, God is watching the Marine Cemetery.

Louise Gibbs and family