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Waiting on reconciliation

In the letter to the Church in Corinth, our brother, Saint Paul, wrote an incredible thing. He reminded the church that we — who fear the Lord and try to persuade others — are compelled by the love of God.

He told those believers, and us, that “if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old is gone and the new is here.” And then Paul reminded the Church that God “gave us the ministry of reconciliation!” (2 Corinthians 5)

And don’t forget this: the Church in Corinth was a bit of a mess.

This got me to thinking… What exactly does it mean that God gave us the ministry of reconciliation?

Perhaps you are the kind of person who tends to notice all the sin, brokenness and hurt in the world. There are many of us like that.

Or perhaps you are the type of person who can see all the good that is going on around us. A few of us are like that.

But as those who have experienced reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ — His righteousness exchanged for our sin — we cannot afford to only live on one side or the other of these observations. No, we are called to do something about it! This is the service of reconciliation!

I was recently a local restaurant and our server was particularly good at her job. She had the uncanny ability to show up at just the right time to refill a drink, take a plate, etc. She also asked the right questions. Can I get you anything else? Are you ready for your bill? She was able to get us on our way without unnecessarily interrupting our meal or conversation. She facilitated our experience, and her faithful service turned what could have been an ordinary meal into a truly pleasurable experience.

Her service was a great example of how we can do the same in the lives of others who may be hurting, fighting or alone. Show up at the right time. Ask the right questions, and help someone to get on their way with God. I mean, what else are we going to do, sit around waiting for someone else to do it?

Learning to show up, listen, and serve-

Pastor Bill Dempsey

Family Bible Church

James 1:19