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What are you passionate about?

One of my five daughters is a passionate St. Louis Cardinals fan. She even made sure that her future husband was as well. Their basement is decorated around a Cardinals theme.

Growing up, she was never interested in any sports. Her nose was always in a book. A family outing to the ball game was more about “event food” than seeing the game. She didn’t know the names of any of the regular players. But then everything changed.

After graduating from SIUE, her roommate’s brother started inviting them to his restaurant after the Cardinals' home games. Several players were regulars, and Jim Edmonds had become close friends with the brother. After several visits that season, my daughter was on a first-name basis with several players. Edmonds even started giving her and the roommate some of his “player’s family seats” behind the dugout.

That year she became a huge Cardinals fan and has been ever since.

Are you a passionate Jesus fan? Every Christian should be.

Our passion should grow more each passing year. But if we are honest, that’s probably not true about us.

The Apostle Paul would tell us that we’ve become passionate about a lot of “stuff” that really isn’t important at all. In Philippians 3: 1-12, Paul says he has become passionate about the “excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord."

The word “knowledge” means an intimate, personal understanding that leads to a close relationship. In other words, Paul wasn’t satisfied with knowing “about” Jesus. He wants to know Jesus intimately. To do so would take a lifetime — and then some. That’s how a passion for Jesus can continue to grow.