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Highland High School will have co-valedictorians this year

Nathaniel English and Mallory Klostermann are the co-valedictorians of the Highland High School Class of 2018.
Nathaniel English and Mallory Klostermann are the co-valedictorians of the Highland High School Class of 2018.

The Highland High School Class of 2018 will have co-valedictorians this year.

Nathaniel Christopher English, the son of Christopher and Tara English, and Mallory Rose Klostermann, the daughter of Dan and Catherine Klostermann, both ended their HHS academic careers with a 5.43 grade-point averages and will share the honor as the top students in the class.

English plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study computer science.

Klostermann plans on attending University of Illinois to study music education.

Sadie Mariah Carroll, the daughter of Kirk and Belinda Carroll, was named the salutatorian. She ended the year with a GPA of 5.39. Carroll plans to attend Southwestern Illinois College to study nursing.

HHS will graduate 214 students during commencement ceremonies at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 20 in the school gymnasium. The class includes 36 graduates of distinction (GPA of at least 5.0), 58 high honors students, 59 honors students, and 59 members of the National Honor Society. Nine seniors from this year's class plan to enter military service.

Graduates of distinction for the class of 2018 are:

Stephen Gregory Schniers (GPA 5.36), the son of Greg and Jack Schniers;

Abigail Margaret Rogier (GPA 5.3), the daughter of Matt and Missy Rogier;

Zane Warren Robertson (GPA 5.29), the son of Troy and Rebecca Robertson;

Jonathan Francis Dickman (GPA 5.27), the son of Randall and Therese Dickman;

Kathryn Elizabeth Etter (GPA 5.27), the daughter of Mike and Kim Etter;

Alana Rose Hollenkamp (GPA 5.27), the daughter of Brad and Sara Hollenkamp;

Katelyn Elizabeth Duncan (GPA 5.25), the daughter of Brian and Connie Duncan;

Rece Derian Portell (GPA 5.23), the daughter of Brent and Kathy Portell;

Tanner Alan Zbinden (GPA 5.22), the son of Ronald and Karin Zbinden;

Hannah Marie Sullens (GPA 5.21), the daughter of Michael and Stacy Sullens;

Megan Nicole Sands (GPA 5.2), the daughter of Craig and Michele Sands;

Caitlin Loy Basden (GPA 5.18), the daughter of Jonathan and Liza Basden;

Elliott James Prott (GPA 5.18), the son of James Bugger and Ronda Prott-Bugger;

Lauren Nicole Baer (GPA 5.16), the daughter of William and Marla Baer;

Morgan Katherine Leady (GPA 5.16), the daughter of Amy Leady and Chris Leady;

Sidney KayAnn Harnetiaux (GPA 5.15), the daughter of Tom and Melinda Harnetiaux;

Cameron Anthony Altadonna (GPA 5.14), the son of Darren and Susan Altadonna;

Mackenzie Leigh Gould (GPA 5.14), the daughter of Joseph and Nicole Gould;

Evan Jacob Herman (GPA 5.13), the son of Tim and Sheri Herman;

Arianna Marie Kampwerth (GPA 5.13), the daughter of Gary and Louise Kampwerth;

Maya Lynne Zobrist (GPA 5.11), the daughter of Brian and Jene Zobrist;

Katelyn Dale Wills (GPA 5.1), the daughter of Christopher and Shannon Wills;

Kayla Jane Davis (GPA 5.09), the daughter of Brad and Sarah Davis;

Alyssa MaryAnne Freimann (GPA 5.09), the daughter of Kyle Poole and Amy Freimann;

Lacey Elizabeth Hanratty (GPA 5.09), the daughter of Nancy Hanratty and John Hanratty;

Morgan Nicole Zobrist (GPA 5.09), the daughter of David and Cynthia Zobrist;

Kylee Ann DeLuca (GPA 5.07), the daughter of John and Toby DeLuca;

Mallory Ann LaFrance (GPA 5.05), the daughter of Christian and Julie LaFrance;

Michael Dean Riffel (GPA 5.05), the son of Michael and Michele Riffel;

Whitney Nicole Roberts (GPA 5.05), the daughter of Chatman and Heather Roberts;

Kirsten Ann Plocher (GPA 5.02), the daughter of Scott and Brenda Plocher;

Emma Jewel Schuster (GPA 5.02), the daughter of Mitchell and Jeanette Schuster;

Alexandria Mary Litzenburg (GPA 5.0), the daughter of Dean and Deanna Litzenburg; and

Caleb Parrish Machuca (GPA 5.0), the son of Matt and Sydney Machuca.