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A Thought to Remember: Museum, art studio in the works at Highland Home

The new Highland Home Museum and Art Studio has now been started on the south end of the first floor of the 1912 building.
The new Highland Home Museum and Art Studio has now been started on the south end of the first floor of the 1912 building.

Have you driven on Broadway and then turned south to 1600 Walnut St., lately? The next time you are in your car or taking a walk, please come by and see the new construction at Highland Home; it is now finished. There’s a beautiful new 12-foot high canopy over the driveway, new handicap walk to the new air-lock entry and enlarged sitting area. There’s also a completely remodeled recreation area, with new handicap restroom, new laundry and beauty shop.

We, my wife Lorna and I, are now living at the Highland Home, and we love our new three-room apartment, plus bath and kitchenette. They are also making another three-room unit just north of the office. It will be ready soon. There are several two-room apartments available now. Are you or some member of your family seeking a beautiful new senior apartment? We have apartments available, now. Call 654-2395 and ask for Rick Embry, our manager.

Lorna had broken her left ankle three times, and the last time, she also tore a ligament. Taking care of our home, cooking, washing and ironing was more than her ankle could take.

It is already much improved. The Highland Home’s entire staff are wonderful, caring, friendly and will do everything to make the residents, feel at home at the Highland Home. The food has been wonderful. The maintenance men have been so helpful. The laundry ladies, what a job they do, even ironing the items that could be ironed. The cleaning personal, the evening and night shift, Rick filling the manager’s shoes, they are all doing such a good job.

Shortly after we moved in, we were talking about the Highland Home’s original 1912 building, saying they needed ideas for that area. A museum or art studio, were some of the ideas. That rang a loud bell for my ears, as I have been collecting Highland memorabilia since 1950 and have many boxes full of these items in my basement. They would be perfect for a museum and an art studio.

The Highland Home Board has approved the idea, so the new Highland Home Museum and Art Studio has now been started on the south end of the first floor of the 1912 building. We hope that you can also become involved, with a Highland area memorabilia, cash for the museum’s upkeep, or both. More details will be coming after the next Board of Directors Meeting on March 8.

I have more than 15 paintings from other local artists, before I started painting myself:

▪ Joseph Suppiger’s 1840 home, painted by Donna (Mrs. Fred) Singleton;

▪ the railroad depot, by Pert Sans Souci and a blue bird painted by her daughter, Susan;

▪ the first furniture store in Highland, owned by Joseph Rupf, from Irene Hotz (Howard) Kuhner;

▪ St. Paul’s second church and rectory, by Vera (Mrs. Gerry) Roberts, also Msgr. William Whalen;

▪ a still-life painted by Mrs. Bertha (Arthur) Gruenenfelder;

▪ a large pencil sketch of the old St. Joseph’s Hospital that was on Main Street by Leigh James, art teacher at St. Paul School,

▪ a painting by Sister Joyce Gerardi, when she was stationed at St. Joseph’s Hospital and teaching art classes;

▪ a farm scene painted by Beverly Dimig Butler

▪ the 1987 Sesquicentennial logo, painted by Mrs. Nina (Keith) Koch;

▪ a 1937 Centennial Logo, a gift of the late Lola Keck Weiss;

▪ plus many photos of early Highland businesses, buildings and owners, plus some of my own Highland art work.

We will be donating all of this to the Highland Home Museum & Art Studio. We will be doing the accessions on the computer, and I will be the tour guide, as long as I am able to do so.

Room No. 11 has the wall paper removed and is now repainted. Lighting will be going up soon. Then, we will be cleaning the carpeting and installing the shelving. Then, it will be the accessing of the items on the computer and shelving all of my memorabilia — and maybe some of your items as well. We hope to have the first room, and maybe the second room, plus the south hall of the first floor of the Highland Home Museum and Art Studio ready by our home’s open house in April.

So now that the Highland Home Museum and Art Studio will be a reality, you may want to place some of your Highland area memorabilia or art work. Call Roland Harris at 654-5005 for details. Thanks.