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Township continues pay freeze for trustees

The O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees froze their salaries in 2000 and will not increase their pay for 2017.

Neither the supervisor nor the clerk’s salary were increased either at the monthly Oct. 5 meeting. The board unanimously approved continuing the freeze.

“The taxpayers have enough loaded on them,” Township Supervisor Gary Ahle said. “With the economy the way it is, we’re in township government to be fiscally responsible. If you are looking to get rich or make money, you’re in the wrong business.”

Four trustees make $2,400 annually: Jeff Bevirt, Gary Hursey, Kenny Joseph and Douglass Scott.

Township Clerk Dave Witter, a part-time position, makes $5,707 a year. In order to provide health care benefits, which are only given to full-time employees, his pay would have had to be raised to nearly $13,000, and he declined coverage.

Ahle, who has been supervisor since 2002, received $24,172.98 as a salary in 2015.

The taxpayers have enough loaded on them.

Township Supervisor Gary Ahle

Township Road Commissioner Mark Downs’ salary decision was tabled until the Nov. 2 meeting because he was not in attendance at the October meeting. In 2015, he made $39,999.96.

“I didn’t think it was fair to act without him present,” Ahle said.

The township oversees the road district and 18 polling places on election days, in addition to numerous programs.

Trustees are in charge of youth, senior and planning committees, and take care of such programs like Rotary Wheels, After-Prom, Driving Safety, Food Pantry and Tax Filing for Seniors.

Early voting begins at the township office on Monday, Oct. 24, and runs through Monday, Nov. 7.

Ahle praised the devotion of the trustees and volunteers.

“They are really dedicated. We all work together and have such a good group,” he said.

The board must approve a salary resolution six months, or 180 days, prior to election.

For more information about O’Fallon and six other area township officials’ salaries, the Belleville News-Democrat has a Public Pay Database. Visit www.bnd.com/publicpay.