O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the editor: Destination O’Fallon plan is ‘win, win for everyone’

Dear Editor,

As a parent and a coach of KIXX Soccer players in O’Fallon, I am writing to support the new effort by the city called Destination O’Fallon that will upgrade the O’Fallon Sports Park with 12 new, all-weather soccer fields.

Not only will the upgraded fields make O’Fallon the No. 1 destination for premier soccer tournaments in the Midwest, it will provide our children with a training advantage to reach their full potential.

It will also guarantee that tournaments can be played in all weather.

This year, our own September Showdown had to cancel Friday night’s games because of rain.

If we would have had all weather fields, the games could have been played. Tournaments bring thousands of out of town teams and spectators to O’Fallon.

With more all weather fields, O’Fallon will be able to attract larger soccer tournaments and help drive business to O’Fallon’s restaurants and hotels. Destination O’Fallon also provides for the construction of a new downtown plaza, which will help attract the tournament attendees to downtown.

It’s a win, win for everyone.

Thank you O’Fallon for keeping our kids and our community moving forward.

Jake Nieroda, KIXX Coach and Parent