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Pure 111 CEO Amy Katsikas and Laura Salyer BSN, esthetician.
Pure 111 CEO Amy Katsikas and Laura Salyer BSN, esthetician.

“It’s you, only better!” say the owners of Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics.

Whether it is Botox or Dysport, dermal fillers, micro-needling or simply medical grade skin care, one can be rest assured that they will leave Pure 111 not only looking and feeling younger and refreshed, but with a renewed sense of confidence.

Amy Katsikas, an advanced practice nurse, is the CEO and founder of Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics with her husband, Demetri Katsikas, M.D., who specializes in Urology. They are proud parents of two beautiful girls. Amy is a lifetime resident of the area and wanted to provide a service and environment that one would expect to see in Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago, but locally. The Pure 111 studio is located in the new “Blade Building” — a state-of-the-art property located in O’Fallon that opened in July.

“I’m a local girl (who) grew up in Belleville, and now my husband and I live in the Far Oaks area of O’Fallon, so we continue to stay local. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to stay on this side of the river. It’s growing in such a way that we want people to be able to stay here, and not have to go to St. Louis, Mo.,” Amy said.

Amy has been performing the art of medical aesthetics for more than five years with advanced training and an in-depth knowledge in the field that is impressive. Her background with 20 years experience as an advanced practice provider with experience in the neurosurgical ICU, head and neck cancer field, as well as plastic surgery has given her the foundation to take medical aesthetics to a higher level.

She obtained her undergraduate and master’s degree from St. Louis University, and went on to work for SLU Hospital.

“I worked for St. John’s after that, but wanted to follow my passion (of) anti-aging and skin care,” Amy said.

She has also surrounded herself with an impressive team from her office administrator, Julie Johnson to Laura Salyer, R.N., L.E., who has many years experience in the medical aesthetics industry and offers sclerotherapy, in addition to the other services. Sharon Kennedy, L.E., with Fabulous Face, has also joined Pure 111 at the new facility.

“We are a boutique-style medical practice that is very specialized, and we are seen more as experts rather that just a large, impersonal ‘med spa’ — and that’s how we set ourselves apart,” Amy said.

Amy, and her team of four, continue to attend training conferences in St. Louis, Mo. and Chicago in addition to obtaining field related certifications often.

“The industry is changing so rapidly, so we want to be able to give our patients the best top quality service we can, and keep up-to-date on the latest technology and products offered,” she said.

Many have been curious about the origin of the practice’s name — Pure 111, according to Amy.

“I developed it based on elements of our practice. So ‘Pure’ stands for purified protein, which is what Botox/Dysport is and not the poison we once mistakenly thought it to be,” Amy said.

Botox and Dysport are two different brands of injectable purified proteins, Amy said.

“It’s just another kind, like the difference between Kleenex and Puffs (facial) tissues — they are the same molecules, but different companies make them,” she explained.

The number has a significance too, she said.

“The 111 refers to the vertical lines or wrinkles between the brows that often are a nuisance and tend to make people look angry. People either have one, two or three, which is signified by 1, 11 or 111,” Amy noted.

Botox is short for Botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin that helps treat muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, overactive bladder, or loss of bladder control. It can also prevent chronic migraine headaches and improve the appearance of wrinkles on the face, according to MedlinePlus.gov.

Pure perks

Pure 111 must be doing something right with about 1,500 to 2,000 patients and counting who have walked through the door.

“Some just buy our products, and others get procedures,” Amy said.

Most popularly product Latisse, which helps to increase the length, darkness and fullness of eyelashes. Coming in a close second, Amy said a high volume of patients purchase the essential serums.

“We carry Skin Medica and Epionce. Both are packed with peptide antioxidants and growth factors to help grow collagen, minimize lines and wrinkles, and make skin more supple,” she said.

By a landslide Botox/Dysport injections and dermal fillers are patient favorites on the list of procedures, Amy said.

Pure 111 gives each client an in-depth consultation and evaluation prior to recommending any treatment.

The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Pure 111 on Nov. 30.

“We are excited to welcome Pure 111 to O’Fallon. Amy definitely has a service that will be well-received in our area,” said Chamber Executive Director Debbie Arell-Martinez.

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