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Diminutive guard has stood tall for O’Fallon JV boys basketball squad

Teron Bowman II
Teron Bowman II Provided photo

Through the course of a long winter season, the underclass programs seldom receive much acclaim. Laboring in relative anonymity, the young players hone their skills for future opportunities on a bigger stage. With only teammates, coaches, friends and family cheering them in most cases, those filling roster spots need a liberal dose of self-motivation in order to move up the ladder of success. One of those players — junior Teron Bowman II — has made the most of his opportunities on the OTHS junior varsity basketball squad over the past three months.

Bowman, who Panthers varsity coach Brian Muniz characterizes as “a high energy player,” has consistently spearheaded the JV squad with solid offense and exceptional defensive play. The diminutive guard has proven through his play on the court that good things do often come in small packages. One of the squad’s leading scorers and top assist leaders, the Panther cager, the son of Teron and Mikele Bowman, has helped the junior Panthers fashion an excellent 11-4 record for the 2016-17 season.

“Teron is always thinking of the team first rather than focusing on individual statistics,” Muniz said. “He is a very coachable player and has been one of our key contributors on the junior varsity through the course of the season.”

“I play basketball because it is fun, and I like being around all of my friends on the team,” Bowman said. “I started playing in the first grade, when I lived in Maryland, because my parents forced me to try every sport at least once. Basketball is the one that I liked the most. The confidence my friends and family have in me, despite my height, and the confidence I have in myself have contributed the most to my success.

“Participating in basketball, specifically, has influenced my approach to things because it has made me realize that hard work pays off,” Bowman added. “Being the shortest player on every team I have been on, I always had to work harder to show the coaches that I was better than the next guy. I strongly believe that, as long as you have confidence in yourself and you work hard, you can overcome any obstacle.”