O'Fallon Progress

“An open door to O’Fallon”

Herb Roach
Herb Roach

First, let me begin by saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” To the citizens of O’Fallon, you have given me great confidence by electing me to serve as your mayor, and I will not let you down. Working together, we can continue to see O’Fallon grow and have the quality of life that has made this the prime community in the area that families and businesses want to call home.

My new role as mayor will make me a much busier person, but I will remain the same person I was before being elected. I will continue to be open, approachable, and always willing to listen. If you see me in the community, please come up and say hello, share with me your thoughts, your ideas, and your dreams. As mayor, I work for you!

I encourage everyone in O’Fallon to feel free to reach out to all your elected officials. O’Fallon has seven wards, and each ward has two aldermen. These aldermen make up the city council and are your representatives.

As we start with our new city government, I would like to share with you the names and contact information for your new leadership team:

▪ Mayor Herb Roach: 618-531-5645

▪ City Clerk Jerry Mouser: 618-622-8716

▪ Treasurer David Hursey: 618-622-8723

▪ Ward 1 Alderman Ross Rosenberg: 321-591-3363

▪ Ward 1 Alderman Richie Meile: 618-624-6086

▪ Ward 2 Alderman Robert Kueker: 618-632-8386

▪ Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Albrecht: 618-632-7172

▪ Ward 3 Alderman Kevin Hagarty: 618-920-1513

▪ Ward 3 Alderman Matthew Gilreath: 618-541-1878

▪ Ward 4 Alderman Matthew Smallheer: 618-616-3144

▪ Ward 4 Alderman Mark Morton: 618-541-8346

▪ Ward 5 Alderman Courtney Marsh: 618-401-9765

▪ Ward 5 Alderman Andrew Lopinot: 618-623-9095

▪ Ward 6 Alderman Ned Drolet: 618-632-3580

▪ Ward 6 Alderman Ray Holden: 618-628-0762

▪ Ward 7 Alderman David Cozad: 618-632-6150

▪ Ward 7 Alderman Dan Witt: 618-972-8561

Biographies, including additional contact information (including email), for all of O’Fallon’s elected officials can be located at ofallon.org/elected-officials.

Not sure who your aldermen are? Or even what ward you live in? Information on ward locations and boundaries can be located at ofallon.maps.arcgis.com.

As residents of O’Fallon, you should always be able to reach out to your elected officials. Having open communications is important to me and something I care very deeply about. Thank you for reading, and please remember, my door is always open!