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Historic clock in downtown O’Fallon being repaired following accident

Workers remove the bottom of the clock.
Workers remove the bottom of the clock. O’Fallon Historical Society

O’Fallon’s historic downtown clock should be back to its original form in no time.

On or shortly before May 20, something hit the 95-year-old bank clock at the corner of State and Lincoln streets, causing damage to the bottom copper finial.

“The clock was damaged a few weeks ago. We speculate that it was damaged when a truck drove under it, but we do not know exactly when or by whom. The clock itself is okay, but the structure at the bottom was damaged,” said O’Fallon City Administrator Walter Denton.

On June 28, the bottom was removed for repair.

“The length of time to repair and raise depends on the how much they find when they take it apart,” Denton said.

Estimated cost is around $12,000, which be paid partially from the leftover money from the Historical Society’s fundraising efforts and the remainder being paid by the city, Denton said.

Miller & Maack from Collinsville is doing the work on the clock.

“They were the ones who did the restoration in 2014, and so, (they) are very familiar with the clock,” said Brian Keller, president of the O’Fallon Historical Society.

In 2014, a large fundraising effort was successful in having the clock brought back to its original luster. It was taken down that April and returned in October much fanfare.

The vintage clock was manufactured by O.B. McClintock Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been in the center of downtown O’Fallon since 1922.

To avoid any accidents in the future, when it is returned to its rightful place on the O’Fallon Historical Society Museum building at 101 W. State St., the clock will have a higher perch, Denton said.

“We are having the clock raised so it will not be in danger of impacts from trucks,” he said.