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Board paves the way for more trails in Shiloh

O'Fallon-Shiloh EMS Explorers Post 1700 visits Shiloh Village Board

O'Fallon-Shiloh EMS Explorer Post 1700 visited the Shiloh Village Board on Wednesday, July 5 to introduce themselves to Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier and trustees.
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O'Fallon-Shiloh EMS Explorer Post 1700 visited the Shiloh Village Board on Wednesday, July 5 to introduce themselves to Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier and trustees.

Village of Shiloh Board of Trustees voted to move forward with enhancements to two park trails, a park restroom and a parking lot at its meeting Wednesday night, July 5.

Trustees passed the use of tax increment finance (TIF) for the second phase of improvements Seibert Road Pedestrian and Bike Trail.

The project will allow pedestrians and cyclists to be safe while being active on a trail rather than on the winding roadway, John Marquart, village administrator, said.

“On Diamond Court, behind next to village hall, has some sidewalks that are in pretty bad shape, and we will be also be replacing some of the sidewalk, too. This has been a long time coming, and we plan to begin as soon as possible,” Marquart said.

Cost of engineering design by Horner and Shifrin is not to exceed $104,000.

“(It’s) one engineer for the two phases, but we don’t know the actual cost of construction until we go out for bids,” he said.

TIFF B’s balance is $530,760, according to Bill Boker, village treasurer.

The board also approved using Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) money to pay for land acquisition services on the Shiloh-Scott Air Force Base Pedestrian Bike Trail, which eventually will link up with the Seibert Road trail.

“The two trails are really all one big trail, but because the application process happened years ago, and with the various funding sources, the name of the trail changed, but essentially they are one in the same,” Marquart said.

When both are completed, the two trails will be about  8/10 of a mile from the area of Diamond Court to Southridge Drive, and then to Johnson Road.

Before construction can begin, easements must be obtained for several properties. Belleville-based Volkert Inc. was approved to carry out right-of-way acquisition services, not to exceed $24,940.

New ADA-compliant ramps will be included along the multi-use path, which will be up to 10 feet wide.

Three Springs restroom

The board approved the use of TIF A funds for the last leg of work to be completed in the one of the two restrooms at Three Springs Park.

The project is not to exceed $65,000 for the internal plumbing and finishing work, which Marquart said should be complete within a week or sooner. R&W Builders will be the contractor.

The finish date was to be July 6, but Marquart said technical issues delayed the project a few days.

“We ran into some issues with getting the meter from Ameren and how to get the water line from the edge of the parking lot to the building, but we were able to do so without breaking up any of the pavement,” Marquart said.

Boker said the TIF A balance is $271,146.

Village parking lot

Trustees awarded Gleeson Asphalt Inc., lowest of five bidders, the project bid for the municipal parking lot area that allows access and parking to Village Hall, the Shiloh Senior Center, Klucker Hall, and Community Park, including the pavilions, baseball diamond and playground equipment.

The project cost is not to exceed $240,879.50. Work will include:

  • repaving the upper and southerly parking lots;
  • installation of storm sewer structures and pipe;
  • concrete curbing near the baseball field to assist with drainage issues;
  • site lighting and seeding; and
  • a 10-foot wide asphalt bike path parallel to the southerly parking lot to give access to the existing pavement near Shiloh Elementary School.

“Our goal is to get the work started as soon as possible, within the week, and finish before school begins,” Marquart said.

The current project budget includes a total of $80,000 of park and tourism funds and the remainder to come from TIF B, not to exceed $160,879.50.

Thouvenot, Wade and Moerchen Inc. completed the engineering design services for $10,500.

Other Business

▪ Solicitor permits for Michael Staley, of Edward Jones, and Mihkel Annilo, of Southwestern Advantage, were approved.

▪ A Prevailing Wage resolution passed.

▪ Installation of five new street lights in the Villages at Wingate subdivision was approved.

▪ July bills were authorized for payment.

▪ June 5 meeting minutes were approved.

▪ May’s treasurer’s report passed.