O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: Let’s keep O’Fallon clean

To the Editor:

Mega kudos to the group from Central Christian Church that spent the first day of unofficial spring picking up trash on their adopted portion of North Lincoln Avenue.

They aptly demonstrated that there’s no better way to worship the Lord than to get out there and spruce up the world he gave us.

On a more worldly scale, the St. Clair County Adopt a Highway program is a great opportunity for people, families, and groups to make a visible and positive impact on their communities.

I’ve unofficially adopted a portion of the country roads that a do my pre-dawn runs on. I’ve taken to carrying a plastic bag with me and picking up as I go each morning. In the winter it’s a little more challenging because it’s dark, but I still manage to find some booty courtesy of those travelers who are environmentally unconscious.

Suffice to say we could all use some help to combat litterbugs. Why not take a plastic bag on your walk, run, or bike ride and pick-up what you see? A little bending over can be a good thing for both your physique and community.

I don’t know if O’Fallon has a designated community clean-up day in the spring but they should. It would be great to see “Team O’Fallon" out there in mass sprucing up. O’Fallon would be better for it.

Bill Malec