O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: Let’s avoid having our property taxes raised

To the Editor:

O’Fallon residents need to know that the city is proposing raising our property taxes by $395 a year on a home worth $150,000 or more and a 25 percent increase in the sales tax if alternative sources of funding are not found to pay for needed improvements to our city.

These improvements range from expansion of Green Mount Road and improvements to Exit 16 to accommodate the increased traffic due to St. Elizabeth’s and Memorial’s relocation to our area.

And it includes finally repaving our streets and fixing the storm water drainage problems on the Presidential Streets and Downtown.

But we can avoid these new tax increases by just voting YES on the upcoming referendum questions. A lease of the water and sewer system management could generate a minimum of $50 million without raising taxes.

A lease means the city will retain control over water rates, still own the system and control the quality of our water and generate $50 million to avoid tax increases.

Help stop new taxes. Vote YES to lease April 7.

Mary Thurman