O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: From yes to no

To the Editor:

I was trying to stay neutral and studying on my own on which way to vote on the leasing of the water/sewer system until I read the insert in the News-Democrat attacking the city workers for trying to protect their jobs.

One of the things that really bothers me is why would a company want to pay the city of O’Fallon $50 million to lease the water/sewer system. This is not Publishers Clearing House where they are going to give the city all that money unless they are going to get a big return on their money.

If there is that kind of money to be made why is the city not making that kind of return? We passed a tax many years ago to maintain and update the city streets. Where is that money going?

I am really tired of hearing all the estimated returns from the sports park. I have family and friends I have met who have traveled from the Chicago area to play in soccer meets and they have not once stayed in an O’Fallon hotel.

When they sign up to play they are told what hotels to stay in. The closest they have stayed is the Drury Inn in Shiloh; the rest of time was in St. Louis.

I don’t think we need scare tactics on increasing our taxes to fund so called vital projects but good city management. I have changed my mind and will vote no.

Ron Ahrens