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To the Editor: Increase taxes? Pass

To the Editor:

I was surprised to learn that over 60 percent of the city water and sewer employees do not live in O’Fallon and that they make an average of $81,000 a year with free health insurance.

No wonder they are not worried that our property taxes could increase by $395 a year or the city sales taxes could be raised 25 percent. If they don’t live here, why would they care, as long as they keep their highly compensated jobs.

I want to encourage all REAL RESIDENTS of O’Fallon to VOTE YES twice on the referendums on April 7 to prevent new taxes and raise a minimum of $50 million for the city to use on important improvements to our roads and parks. Don’t listen to outsiders who do not live here and are only concerned about their paycheck.

Vote yes on April 7! Learn more at voteyespleaseofallon.org.

Travis Huber