O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: The path that was taken!

To the Editor:

I have been an O’Fallon resident my entire life and do not plan on leaving. Yes my research (regarding the potential sale and then lease of the city’s wastewater system) began due to the effects on my family and friends, but then it turned into a fight for the community I love.

I started attending council meetings and started to get myself informed, researching privatization. I was told to call the Mayor of Peoria, so I did; then I reached out to the aldermen in Arnold, Mo. And I fast came to the conclusion, this is not just about the jobs but the future of OUR community!

Then I started talking to organizations that wanted to hear more about this topic I had begun to look into. Many said they wanted to get involved and that is how the Citizens for Action committee got started. This is a group of individuals with all different reasons for getting involved and we all came from different backgrounds with one common goal: To do what is best for their city.

We are all people that plan on staying in the community and raising our children and grandchildren. None of them are current public works employees and no employees are involved with the decision making of our committee. This is a false statement put out by the vote yes page, a group of individuals who are hiding behind a name, and not allowing opposition to even respond to their false allegations.

This lease is a bad decision by our city and its elected officials, to get a quick payday loan to accomplish things that are wants and not needs. I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini, but I’m not going today to buy one putting my family in debit for a luxury. Needs always come before wants.

A 40-year-loan is the answer. Private companies are out for profit and their investors, not the citizens of our community. Our children should not have to pay our debit because we do not know how to handle funds appropriately.

I would encourage everyone to vote no twice April 7 to ensure a future for our children and O’Fallons legacy!

Lindsey Rushing