O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: Water is for people, not for profit

To the Editor:

I attended the Citizens for Action Forum at the O'Fallon Township Hall on March 9.

Dale Funk, the attorney for the city, stated that all the figures he has shows the water was breaking even for 15 years.

That is great in my opinion. The enterprise fund is supposed to break even. You're not supposed to make too much money, just enough to run it, save a little for a rainy day, and not burden the customers. A private company is out to make money for their shareholders at the customers' cost.

So I say the water was doing the right thing for 15 years for its customers.

Someone put on Facebook that the water was a loser. If that’s the case, when and if they lease the water, they will have to increase the rates or add on fees or cut the service down to make a profit for their shareholders. It just stands to reason.

The next forum is from 7-8 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, at the O’Fallon Township Building. Everyone is welcome.

Galyn Rushing