O'Fallon Progress

Keeping the water, sewer system protected

To the Editor:

For the past 16 years, I have been privileged to represent my neighbors on the O’Fallon City Council to help our city maintain a family friendly town.

I support a conservative spending plan and balanced budget to keep the city’s portion of our property taxes low. In fact, I have never voted to raise property taxes.

Over the next decade, it is predicted that our city will grow to nearly 40,000 residents. In order to meet that growth, we need to ensure that our infrastructure is properly maintained and upgraded. Improvements to our roads, storm water management and mine remediation are important considerations in the city’s Strategic Plan.

As the State of Illinois proposes to cut funding to local municipalities this year, it will be very important that our city remain diligent in reviewing all cost saving measures to avoid going into debt.

As a businessman of two successful financial management companies and a construction company, I have made it a practice as alderman to review all the facts on important city issues like the potential lease of the water system before making a final business decision that could impact the financial stability of our city.

While I believe you expect me to continue investigating and evaluating, my opponent is against the city considering a lease before the city council has even reviewed the proposals, which are not set to be delivered until the end of April.

This is a very important issue for the residents of O’Fallon. We have a great water and sewer system and I want to make sure it is protected, which is why I voted not to sell the system after it became clear in reviewing the facts that a sale would not be in our best interest.

The finalists are still working to complete their proposals to the council in late April, at which time, I will use the same due diligence I have exercised to make an informed decision that is fiscally responsible and maintains the high quality of service and water that O’Fallon residents rely upon.

I want to assure my neightbors that I am committed to representing your interests as I have during my tenure on the council. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to continue being your voice in the upcoming election.

Ed True