O'Fallon Progress

Letter to the Editor: Deal with the facts as they develop

To the Editor:

One last thought on the O’Fallon water/sewer vote.

A favorite quote from an old western movie goes like this, “The simplest way to get the uninformed behind you is to pretend you are fighting the devil”—or in the current case, the Mayor and city council.

A long time ago I learned about the principle of Occam’s razor suggesting the simplest answer is usually the correct one. The journalist David Aaronovitch in his book, “Voodoo Histories,” expanded on this. He reviewed popular political conspiracies and noted that conspiracy theorists would rather tie themselves into complicated knots and postulate all sorts of improbable secret connections than accept a simple, more obvious explanation.

Rather than believe the Mayor and council are the devil, I would prefer to vote YES (twice!) on the April 7 water question and deal with the facts as they develop. A ‘no’ vote indicates we should prevent the question from being considered in case we don’t like the answer.

For me, I’ll wait on the facts rather than be scared into not looking at all.

Dean Rich