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Spotlight on Business: Cats Only Resort & Spa holds ribbon cutting

Beware dogs, there’s a new business in town—Cats Only Resort & Spa.

Shiloh recently welcomed the new business catering to the needs of felines only—just as its names implies—with a ribbon cutting Wednesday, March 18.

Cats Only Resort & Spa is located at 2281 Country Road, Shiloh, bringing a fresh presence to the area, according to Mayor Jim Vernier.

“We’re glad to have them and honestly this new business, I think, will help perk up the Country Road neighborhood quite a bit,” Vernier added.

After approval to build the facility last year by the Village Board of Trustees, the $212,000 facility offers spacious and luxurious, cage-free rooms for boarding, bathing and grooming for many felines, according to owner and operator Dana Strunk who lives in Shiloh and started the business with her husband, who is a retired Air Force.

“We are happy to welcome Cats Only Resort & Spa to our Chamber and our community. Dana has a beautiful facility and we can’t wait to see it filled with felines,” O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Debbie Arell-Martinez said.

Strunk is a certified Feline Master Groomer with the National Cat Groomers Institute of America with years of experience volunteering in animal shelters, fostering and working with cats.

“During all my time volunteering and helping cats-in-need, I realized my special talent for specifically caring not only for the physical needs of the cats I worked with, but also understanding their unique personalities,” Strunk explained. “That’s when it became apparent to me that I wanted to pursue this career.”

With only one additional employee and 20 customers currently, Strunk said she’s happier than can be doing what she’s passionate about.

After much research, Strunk said she quickly realized the cat community didn’t have a special boarding or grooming place of their own where felines will feel tranquil, safe and secure where they otherwise would feel on edge or misplaced. With no barking dogs or stressful noises like most kennels, customers can rest assured, Strunk said, they are leaving their feline friend to feel relaxed and pampered.

“Unfortunately the industry is primarily dog oriented and cats, for the most part, seem to be an afterthought. This was the beginning of (my) ‘Cats Only’ idea of a feline exclusive boarding and grooming care facility,” Strunk said. “We realize every cat is unique. It’s our mission that each cat in our care receives individualized care and attention based on their uniqueness.”

New customers get a complimentary free de-shed treatment with the purchase of a full coat groom. Long hair full coat grooming costs $56 and short hair grooming is $42, and boarding is $25 a night, Strunk said.

“In the next three months, I see us tripling our customer base due to vacation season,” Strunk added. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback (from the community). Customers love the idea of us being cats only. They feel more comfortable leaving their cat with us.”

For more information visit www.catsonlystl.com or call 416-2387.