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Spotlight on Business: Celtic Healthcare, Inc. holds ribbon cutting

The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce announces a ribbon cutting ceremony for Celtic Healthcare, Inc., 1901 Frank Scott Parkway, Ste 2, Shiloh.

The ceremony took place Tuesday, March 3.

“We are so glad to have Celtic Healthcare in Shiloh and part of our Chamber,” Chamber Executive Director Debbie Arell-Martinez said.

As a practicing physical therapist directly out of college, Celtic Healthcare Founder and CEO Arnie Burchianti noticed a stark disconnect between the various disciplines of healthcare providers that were caring for a patient. Nurses were not communicating their patients’ needs to physical therapists and physical therapists were not communicating with occupational therapists and so on.

As a result, patients were not receiving top-notch care. At Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Burchianti was taught that integrated healthcare was the key to quality care, and he immediately understood the need for an organization that practiced this vital concept. In 2000, Arnie set out to form a Medicare-certified home healthcare agency, centered on strong multi-disciplinary communication and streamlined, innovative information technology. At a time when Medicare-certified agencies were closing left and right, Burchianti was confident that his unique model would blossom.

At that time, and even more so currently, each sector of healthcare is under pressure, being forced to continually deliver innovative, high quality healthcare services with declining reimbursement and increased regulatory oversight due to the changing political, legislative, and regulatory landscape in the United States. As a result, Arnie decided to become the BEST provider of home healthcare services. He formulated a mission of innovative healthcare at home and partnered with hospitals by acquiring their home healthcare divisions (which oftentimes are not their greatest area of expertise or their primary profit center), as well as other homecare agencies that cannot compete with healthcare reform reimbursement reductions and changes.

In 2006, Celtic Healthcare put this mission into motion through its first acquisition of the homecare division of Carlisle Regional Medical Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Celtic has continued its acquisition strategy with others, including Jameson VNA, part of the Jameson Health System in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Forum Health at Home and Hospice in Youngstown, Ohio, Hospice Community Care and HCC Homecare in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and most recently the VNA-TIP in Missouri and Illinois. This smart, strategic growth has led Celtic Healthcare to rank in the top of Pittsburgh's 100 fastest growing companies by the Pittsburgh Business Times every year since 2007.

Celtic Virtual Care was formed in 2011 to consult, train, and create partnerships with key healthcare stakeholders, such as hospitals, physicians, and payers to achieve low-cost, high-quality care with superior outcomes and reduced utilization. Celtic Virtual Care coordinates the bulk of the care, including the transition between hospital and home, medication reconciliation and management, and daily symptom management to achieve measurable outcomes.

Corporate culture is also a vital component of Celtic Healthcare's continued success. As one of the few organizations that truly live and breathe established core values—accountability, teamwork, integrity, service excellence, and mutual respect—Celtic Healthcare has made a name for itself with both employees and clients.

Celtic Healthcare has been recognized with numerous honors including “Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania,” “Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania” and an award from internationally-renowned PeopleKeys, Inc. for receiving unprecedented, benchmark-setting results in the healthcare industry through an employee quality and satisfaction survey.

As consistent growth and benchmarked employee and client satisfaction shows, Celtic Healthcare is making its mark in the home healthcare industry, and we are excited to be a part of the O’Fallon and Shiloh communities and Chamber of Commerce.