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Beautification Award: O’Fallon’s Colonnade keeps filling need in senior living while adding value to community

After last year’s $13.9 million in capital investments, the O’Fallon Colonnade Senior Living facility has been chosen to be the 2015 Beautification award, as a part of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Salute to Business Awards.

“It’s just been fantastic (to know) we’ve really been able to fill a need that existed in the city of O’Fallon,” Barbara Dunaway, executive director of heritage memory care, said. “Anytime that you’re recognized for making a difference in the community, it definitely feels good.”

It’s not uncommon for one’s eyes to be drawn to the iconic columns that stand representing the Colonnade Senior Living facility when driving down the main drag along Highway 50 in O’Fallon, just past the O’Fallon Township High School.

“We’ve really been able to make some great strides here in O’Fallon with memory care and raising the bar overall in senior care,” Dunaway said.

Nestled at 700 Weber Road, the Colonnade Assisted Living facility has been working hand-in-hand with its residents’ family and friends since the 1960’s to provide an optimal and stimulating environment, according to Kim Patterson, executive director of the facility.

With over 20 years experience in the senior care industry, Patterson said all avenues of the facility have resources and opportunities to allow residents to learn, grow and be active members within their own community.

“We have achieved the Dementia Capable Care Distinguished Provider award—there are very, very few communities in the United States that have this designation and we’re super excited,” Patterson said.

The award was presented by senior executives from Dementia Care Specialists’ parent company, the Crisis Prevention Institute. The award, considered the highest credential in dementia care, recognizes select memory care communities that demonstrate excellence in resident care and cultivate an environment and team that helps residents enjoy the greatest level of function, safety and quality of life.

“It’s just been fantastic (to know) we’ve really been able to fill a need that existed in the city of O’Fallon,” Dunaway said. “Anytime that you’re recognized for making a difference in the community, it definitely feels good, especially when you’re one in four in the country to receive it.”

Keeping things fresh and interesting, “as a partnership with the O’Fallon Police Department, we were able to offer a very successful learning experience for participating residents with the first ever O’Fallon Senior Citizen’s Police Academy,” Patterson said. “I think we will be doing it again—it was very uplifting and it’s another way for our facility to keep our residents thinking outside the box for overall life enrichment.”

In the future, Patterson said additional courses and activities dealing with language and other subject matter will be developed to allow for the continued enrichment.

“We’re really excited,” Dunaway said. “The feedback from residents of O’Fallon and the surrounding area has been extremely supportive of us and our endeavors.”

With the facility having undergone a complete renovation recently, the work doesn’t stop there, according to Dunaway.

The Colonnade continues to serve close to 95 residents and will be able to accommodate another 35 plus with its latest undertaking.

“We’re getting ready to break ground in the next month or so on an additional 30-plus independent and assisted living apartments,” Dunaway said. “And, we just added another 11 memory care apartments, so we just keep on growing, which is awesome.”

Dunaway said the recent and upcoming additions have already been leased.

“Knowing that we are independently owned and operated, our owners are owner managers and are on site almost daily and play a big factor in our day-to-day with the residents and their loved ones,” Dunaway explained. “The community here—we embrace the philosophy of ‘the answer is yes, what is the question?’ and that really translates the quality and the amount of care we’re able to provide to our residents, and we’re really proud of that.”

In 2012, the facility was purchased by business partners Jonathan Levey, David Smith and Alexandra Fisher with goals of renovating and redesigning the space. The facility has moved from 35,000 square feet to a total of 76,000 square feet after interior renovations were completed.

For more information visit, www.colonnadeseniorliving.com.