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Our Town: ‘Tender-hearted’ Clara B. Hall from O’Fallon High School Class of 1918 featured

In the O’Fallon High School Class of 1918 limelight this week is Clara B. Hall.

“Clara was born away down South in the land of cotton at Oliver Springs, Tenn., April 18, 1900. This belle from the South is noted for her sweet disposition and loving ways. She possesses wonderful elocutionary powers, having proven her ability by so successfully acting the part of ‘Miss Liberty’ in the high school pageant ‘America.’

“She always has sympathy for any one in need of it and is not overly fond of any sort of foolishness. Clara is so tender-hearted that she does all in her power to keep one from making a zero. Nor is she one whit daunted if discovered passing the much needed information. We will never forget the good turns she has done for us in days gone by.”

The high school pageant was performed at 8 p.m. Tuesday May 7, 1918, at the Taylor Opera House, 220 E. State St.


75 years ago, April 18, 1940. Preparations are being completed for a benefit social to be held in Moonlight Hall, Friday evening May 10. The affair is being sponsored by the new O’Fallon Cemetery Association which has undertaken the task of taking over Tiedemann and St. Clare’s cemetery. Both these sacred burial grounds have undergone a transformation in appearance. Fences have been removed and the cemeteries beautified by the removal of many unsightly weeds and shrubbery. Another noteworthy improvement is the construction of a new roadway leading into Tiedemann cemetery and a connecting road from St. Clare’s designed to give more room for cars and enable those driving into the grounds to leave via the new road.

50 years ago, April 22, 1965. Incumbent Edgar H. Brockhahn was elected mayor of O’Fallon in Tuesday’s municipal election when voters also approved a referendum on creating a local zoning ordinance designed as a public guide for the council. A total of 1,570 votes were cast. Mayor Brockhahn polled 810-743 for Roy R. Smith, 2nd Ward Alderman. City Clerk Robert Bode, serving his first term on appointment by the council, polled 1,081-455 for Richard Miller. City Treasurer J. Emmett Hinchcliffe, Sr., received 1,227 votes to 318 for Robert M. Brown. In the zoning issue that was the main item in the election for mayor, 844 voted in favor and 436 opposed it.