O'Fallon Progress

Train derailment in O’Fallon causes road closures

CSX police responded to the scene of a minor nine-car derailment that occurred about noon Monday, with no news of what caused the accident, according to Kristin Seay, a CSX representative.

O’Fallon police responded to mitigate traffic congestion.

The intersection of State Street and Obernuefemann was reopened, but the State Street and Willow Drive railroad crossing remained closed for several more hours.

About 12:04 p.m., police responded to the 500 block of West State Street where a minor CSX train derailment occurred at the intersection of State Street and Willow Drive, causing stalled traffic and road closures expected through Monday night around 7 p.m.

“The cause of the derailment is under investigation,” Seay said. “The train, traveling from Louisville, Ky., to East St. Louis, had two locomotives and 42 rail cars carrying automobiles. CSX police have responded to the scene. No injuries have been reported.”

No accidents occurred as a result of the derailment, police said.

“It (was) just a minor derailment with only a few cars off the tracks, but nothing tipped over,” O’Fallon Police Lt. Robert Schmidtke said.