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O’Fallon residents will pay less for trash pickup

O’Fallon residents will save a few bucks on their trash pickup under a new contract approved Feb. 20 by the City Council.

Mayor Herb Roach said that the city’s bid process for a trash hauling services contract helped reduce rates, thus saving residents $192,000 in the first year.

“Residents will pay in the first three years less than they pay now,” Roach said. “They will have sizable savings, and it will also be sizable decrease in costs for the schools (District 90 and high school), and the township. I tried to help other cities and governmental bodies reduce their cost by including them in this bid process.”

Waste Management of Missouri had provided collection, processing, hauling and disposal of residential solid waste, recyclables and yard waste to the city for about 15 years.

The O’Fallon City Council unanimously approved the contract Feb. 20, which is for three years, and an optional two years after that. It includes the same service levels and pick-up schedule as the current contract, but adjust the standard rate to $19.95 a month, which is $1.60 lower than what had been a $21.55 monthly rate — a savings of $19.20 over the course of a year.

Seniors and disabled residents new rate will be $16.96.

“This is the first time in many years that we have gone out for bids. Getting bids helps drive the cost down,” Roach said. “We were able to get the best rates for trash hauling services for our residents.”

Standard rates for the second year will be $20.55 per month, year three $21.15, and if optioned, year four $21.75 and year five $22.40. Senior and disabled discounts would mean in costs.

Roach commended Assistant City Administrator Pam Funk, who is retiring at the end of March, for her negotiation efforts.

“She took the lead, and put everything together, and it was a very detailed proposal. The results of what she did is paying off for our residents, saving them money. I am so happy with this, and what she did,” Roach said

The new contract goes into effect April 1, but residents should not see a disruption in service and can keep their current trash and recycling carts.

“We heard from residents that they are pleased with the services they have been receiving from Waste Management, and wanted us to continue with them. Staying with them will result in a seamless launch of the new contract and avoid possible community disruption,” Roach said.

Two bids were received, from Waste Management and Republic Services. Both presented an alternate bid for four additional services that maybe would be included in the final contract, and both included community charity work.

Waste Management was the low bid for each year of the three-year contract as well as optional years 4 and 5, and their senior/disabled rate was also lower. The negotiated package was $1 million less than the similar offer from the other bidder and over $250,000 less than if current rates stayed the same for five years. At the end of five years, the rate will have gone up less than 4 percent.

The standard service package remains the same, including weekly collections of unlimited amounts of trash, unlimited amounts of yard waste and one bulky item; bi-weekly collection of unlimited amounts of single stream recycling, two 96-gallon trash carts — one for trash and one for recycling, Christmas tree removal in January and Recyclebank Rewards program.

Roach said the company agreed to add trash cans at several bus stops where there are problems with trash, and will pick it up, at no additional cost to the city.

Alderman Matthew Gilreath thanked Republic Services on taking part in the bidding process. He said having worked with their business before without any issues, he just wanted to say so. “Competition breeds excellence,” he said.

Roach said he agreed, and complimented Republic on their professional conduct throughout the process. More carts can be requested at $2.50 each per month, and household appliance pick-up may be requested at a cost of $25 per appliance.

Other Business

In other action during the 27-minute meeting, the council authorized an intergovernmental agreement with Central School District 104 for development of mutual aid arrangements for disaster response and recovery assistance.

After a 10-minute executive session, the city agreed to the sale of surplus real estate on Taylor Road.

The council approved two roadblock requests: American Legion Post 137 for Saturday, June 2, from 9 a.m. to noon at the intersection of State and Lincoln and State and Smiley, and Kiwanis Club for Friday, Sept. 7 from 4 to 6 p.m. and Saturday, Sept, 8, from 8 a.m. to noon at the intersection of State and Lincoln and State and Smiley, both pending insurance and registration verification. Alderman Ned Drolet opposed both, and Gilreath only voted no on the Kiwanis because it was on a Friday night.

“If it was a weekend, fine, but on a weekday night, no, with rush hour and the traffic. People are trying to get home to their families. It’s a safety thing,” he said.

Roadblock requests are granted for local schools, charities and veterans organizations for collecting donations.

Roach announced more sponsors for the O’Fallon City Fest homecoming: Four Paws Animal Hospital, American Legion and Office Centers of Southwestern Illinois. The mayor, along with City Clerk Jerry Mouser and Treasurer David Hursey, will sponsor a float, he said.

Jessica Gunther, a mother of three and a clinical social worker, presented information about the “Hate Has No Home Here” project that she hopes will gain attention in

O’Fallon. City officials are invited to the Rotary’s rededication of Rock Springs Park on Sunday, March 18, Roach noted.

New O’Fallon Trash Rates

Beginning on April 1, the current rate ($21.55/month) will lower to the new negotiated rate. The new rates will be as follows (costs are per month, per residence):

▪  Year one: $19.95 standard; $16.96 senior/disabled

▪  Year two: $20.55 standard; $17.47 senior/disabled

▪  Year three: $21.15 standard; $17.98 senior/disabled

▪  Year four (optional): $21.75 standard; $18.49 senior/disabled

▪  Year five (optional): $22.40 standard; $19.04 senior/disabled

Optional Carts may be requested at an additional cost of $2.50 per cart, per month. Optional household appliance pick-up may be requested at a cost of $25 per appliance.