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O'Fallon held its first Easter egg hunt in 1930

Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president.
Brian Keller is the O’Fallon Historical Society president. rkirsch@bnd.com

What was billed as O’Fallon’s first Easter egg hunt was held on Saturday, April 19, 1930 at Community Park. Organized by the American Legion Auxiliary, the hunt was open to all children in the O’Fallon area age 8 years old and under.

Throughout the park, hundreds of brightly colored eggs were hidden, including a number of prize eggs and a single golden grand prize egg. About 200 kids showed up, watched by a crowd of about 400 adults. At 3 p.m., the ribbons were lifted allowing the wave of egg-seekers to flood the park.

Robert Rapp found the golden egg, which entitled him to a “handsome cash prize.” Other prize eggs were found by Margaret Lawrence, Harold Moore, Elaine Taylor, Philip Schildknecht, Henry Corbier, Harold Keller, Billie Bug, Jack Harris, Leo Moore and Donald Bernhardt.

75 years ago

April 1, 1943

Meager hopes of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sollis that their son, Seaman Second Class Milton Vernell Sollis, 18 years old, of the U.S. Navy, reported April 25, 1942 as “missing in action” may have survived and a prisoner of war, were shattered Saturday when they received word from Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy, that the young sailor was declared “officially dead” by the government.

Sollis was a member of the ill-fated USS Peary, which was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 10, 1941. (He was the first O’Fallonite killed during World War II.)

50 years ago

March 28, 1968

The first issue of the “Command Post” is scheduled for appearance Friday, March 29 and will be published in the O’Fallon Progress plant in O’Fallon. The newspaper is the unofficial publication serving the personnel of Scott Air Force Base. Its new name was selected from some 1,300 entries submitted by Air Force personnel. The paper will be distributed free at the base for all personnel and their families, being supported by paid advertisements in it.