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Shiloh golf course to install fence to keep out thieves, mischief-makers

Shiloh's Yorktown Golf Course, a par-3 golf course at 300 Goalby Drive, was purchased by the village in 2014 for $400,000.
Shiloh's Yorktown Golf Course, a par-3 golf course at 300 Goalby Drive, was purchased by the village in 2014 for $400,000.

In the name of safety and crime prevention, Shiloh trustees on Monday approved adding more fencing at Yorktown Golf Course.

"One of the senior leagues out there has experienced individuals coming from the south, from the Belleville area, getting onto the course, rolling skating and skateboarding and chanting and hollering and folks were feeling unsafe," John Marquart, village administrator, said during a March 26 committee meeting.

Trustees gave preliminary approval to the plan at the March 26 meeting. Then on Monday, the board gave a final, unanimous OK to install additional fencing in three spots at golf course. The project, which was not let for normal bidding, is estimated to cost roughly $40,000.

"The good news about all of this is that the course is receiving a lot more play. They've got a lot more tournaments this year," Shiloh Mayor Jim Vernier said during the March 26 committee meeting.

The fence should help to address concerns for safety of patrons and deter future potential of golf cart thefts, village officials said.

Shiloh Police Sgt. Jesse Phillips confirmed there have been four golf cart thefts since last year.

"There were actually four occasions last year where a total of 11 golf carts were taken, but all have since been recovered," Phillips said.

According to Phillips, five juveniles were arrested for the thefts that all took place in 2017 — on March 28, July 8, July 28 and Aug. 12 — but the St. Clair County state's attorney office juvenile division declined to issue charges.

The course has just under 40 carts, which are insured for a value of $5,000 each.

Additionally, the village has received complaints about people accessing the course at areas where there isn't fencing, Vernier said.

"Since the fencing along East B Street was removed, the village has received several complaints about non-golfers accessing the course and some individuals that have used the course without paying," Megan Fuhler, village public works director, said during the March 26 committee meeting.

When the village did the storm sewer improvements on East B Street, there was chain-link fence there. However, as a part of that project, the chain-link fence was removed. At the time of the storm sewer work, there was an alternate bid to replace the portion of fence that was removed, but trustees opted against it.

"At the end of the day, we decided not to do that and keep it open, (because) it looked a little bit better and not so institutional," Marquart said.

But in the last year, Marquart said that spot has caused more harm than good.

The new six-foot high, commercial-grade aluminum fencing and gates will be installed where no barriers currently exist — around the clubhouse patio, an area along East B Street near Anderson, and at the front entrance of the par-3 golf course, which is located at 300 Goalby Drive.

Fuhler told trustees she has been soliciting quotes for fencing from two companies since September 2017.

Marquart noted that the state allows municipalities to secure project quotes if the amount doesn't exceed $25,000.

The fence option prices selected included: clubhouse patio, $6,800; East B Street, $26,000; and, front entrance, $7,000.

"The patio fence would serve the purposes of securing the carts when the course is closed and provide a more upgraded look," Fuhler said.

Marquart said he needs to review with Terry Bruckert, village attorney, to ensure the village is following the legalities of the bidding process or lack there of.

"I'll be honest with you I think we can justify this as an emergency expenditure, because it's a safety issue for the players of the course and that nullifies those requirements or gives us more flexibility," Vernier said.

Yorktown was purchased by the village in 2014 for about $400,000.