Alderman says of felony drug possession: ‘It was a weak moment’

Despite the guilty plea, Troy Alderman Allen Dyer said he plans to remain in his post.
Despite the guilty plea, Troy Alderman Allen Dyer said he plans to remain in his post.

Troy Alderman Allen Dyer pleaded guilty this month to a class C felony drug possession charge nearly a year after his arrest in Missouri.

He will be on probation for five years. His plea resulted in a suspended sentence, which means that if he completes probation without getting in trouble, he will have no conviction on his record.

Troy Mayor Al Adomite said in a statement submitted to the News-Democrat that he offered Dyer the opportunity to resign. Dyer, 56, said he plans to remain in his position as alderman.

“I fought hard to be here and I’ll fight hard to keep it,” Dyer said in an interview Friday. “I don’t want to give up and just walk away.”

Adomite is seeking the advice of the State’s Attorney.

“I have asked Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons for an official opinion in regard to Mr. Dyer’s continued qualifications for municipal office,” Adomite said in his statement.

Dyer and his wife Stacy were arrested Sept. 9, 2015, by Maryland Heights, Mo., police on a charge of “possession of a controlled substance,” other than “35 grams or less of marijuana,” according to court records.

Because there was no sentence, Dyer said he has not been convicted of anything.

“I’m not a bad guy. I’ve worked for the same company 38 years,” Dyer said. “... I’ve done everything I can to make everything right, and I think one mistake doesn’t quite define who I am.”

He said there were things happening in their personal life that led up to the Dyers arrest.

“This has just been a really trying year for us,” Dyer said. “It was a weak moment.”

Dyer’s current term on the Troy City Council expires in 2019. He is a member of the Administrative and Community Services Committee and the Public Works Committee.

“If it hadn’t been for the fact that I was an alderman this would be a non-issue,” Dyer said.

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