Edwardsville gym sees three car burglaries in one night

Planet Fitness in Edwardsville has been struck by a trio of quick smash-n-grab car burglaries in the parking lot.

On Monday night, three different cars were hit, each with a purse left on the floorboard or in the back seat. Surveillance cameras caught some images of the alleged perpetrators, who smashed windows to get at items left inside the cars while the patrons were inside the fitness club on Center Grove Road.

“We go through this every once in a while,” said Edwardsville Police Chief Jay Keeven. “We have some leads that we are working.”

We want to remind folks that exercise facilities seem to be places they target.

Jay Keeven, Edwardsville police chief

Keeven said police have reviewed the surveillance video from Planet Fitness and its neighbor, Eclipse Car Wash. In the meantime, Planet Fitness is posting signs reminding patrons not to leave valuables in their cars.

“We want to remind folks that exercise facilities seem to be places they target,” Keeven said. “The purses seem to be a magnet for thieves; it takes a second to break that window and they’re gone… Before it even gets reported, they’ve used the credit card, stopped at a station to fill up with gas or run into a quick store.”

Keeven advised that everyone should lock valuables in the trunk or in a locker inside the gym when going to work out. “These smash-and-grab vehicle burglaries all had the same thing in common: A purse readily visible in the vehicle,” he said.

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