Alorton trustee and Cahokia man charged with vote fraud

A newly-elected Alorton trustee and a Cahokia man were charged Friday afternoon with four counts of vote fraud stemming from the April 7 election.

St. Clair County Sheriff Department Capt. Scott Weymouth said Brian McDouglar, 38, of 38 Westwood Drive in Cahokia, was charged with three counts of tampering with an absentee ballot. Davione M. Kidd, 24, of 4208 E. Broadway, Alorton, was charged with one count of tapering with an absentee ballot.

Kidd was elected as an Alorton trustee in April.

Both men are accused of putting someone else’s absentee ballot in the mail. Under Illinois law, only the voter can mail his or her own ballot. Their bonds are set at $5,000 each.

The case was investigated by the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department and the Voter Integrity Task Force of the County Clerk.

“The voter integrity hotline we established continues to be working. It is generating very intense oversight from federal state and local law enforcement,” County Clerk Tom Holbrook said.

“In America, we have free and open elections. I believe in that. I believe in the Constitution,” Sheriff Rick Watson said. “If you want to insult a veteran, cheat in an election — the very thing they fought for.”

This case makes seven vote fraud charges filed by Kelly since 2012:

▪ Steveland Kidd, 27, Devione Kidd’s brother, of Alorton, faces two charges of violation of absentee ballot. His case is pending.

▪ Monica LaPlant, 28, of Cahokia, was charged in 2013 with attempted to mark an absentee ballot. She pleaded guilty and received probation.

▪ Pamela Bryant, 45, of Cahokia, was charged in three counts of marking an absentee ballot in 2013. She pleaded guilty and received probation.

▪ Augustus Stacker Jr., 61, of Cahokia, pleaded guilty to violation of an absentee ballot. He is serving probation.

▪ Sean Sayles, 34, of Cahokia, faces two counts of violation of an absentee ballot. His case is pending.

“Investigations into vote fraud and vote suppression in the most recent election are ongoing in Centreville Township in addition to other areas,” Kelly said.

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