Casino Queen employees carjacked on way home from work

Two Casino Queen employees were carjacked on their way home from work early Thursday morning.

William Shaffer was driving home after his shift ended at 2 a.m. Thursday. He said he was stopped at a light at 9th Street and Missouri Avenue when a van pulled in front of the car and blocked it, he said.

Two men jumped out of the van and pointed a gun at Shaffer, he said. They ordered Shaffer and his passenger to get out of the car and told them to lie on the ground.

"They jumped in my vehicle, then took off with it," Shaffer said.

Neither Shaffer nor his passenger was injured.

East St. Louis police Chief Jerry Simon said the van the two men left behind was stolen from Missouri. Shaffer's car was later found in St. Louis, near Carondelet Park and was towed back to East St. Louis. The car was found using OnStar.

Police found a small amount of blood on the steering wheel of the van where it had broken.

No suspects have been identified yet, Simon said.

Shaffer said he hopes he can get his car back soon, as he has had to alter his work schedule so he can get a ride to and from the casino.

An attempted vehicle theft in Bremerton, Washington was thwarted by a mother who fought off the suspect while a 2-year-old was inside. The suspect was arrested after a lengthy chase by police. Video courtesy of the Bremerton Police Department.