Missouri man will serve less time for Easter weekend murder of Carbondale man in 2016

A Missouri man who was sentenced to 85 years in prison for the first-degree murder of a Southern Illinois man will now be serving less time for the crime, a WSIL report said on Tuesday.

Travis Tyler, of Cape Girardeau, was sentenced in June for the 2016 Easter weekend slaying of Carbondale resident Tim Beaty.

Both the prosecutors and Tyler’s defense team agreed to vacate, or set aside, sentences on three of the counts he was originally convicted on, the report said. One count was for aggravated battery with a firearm and the other two were for aggravated discharge of a firearm.

In a recent Illinois Supreme Court case, People v. Smith, prosecutors vacated a sentence based on the state’s “one-act, one-crime” principle. The rule says that a person can only be convicted of one crime for one act, regardless of multiple charges. According to the report, this was the basis for Tyler’s case.

Tyler’s sentence has been changed to 60 years in prison, the report said.

On March 27, 2016, Beaty was helping women who had heard gunshots and fled a party next door to his Carbondale home, The Southern Illinoisan reported in March of this year.

At his jury trial, Tyler testified that he was hiding after fleeing the party, but when two men tried to stop him, he engaged in a shootout with them, resulting in the shooting death of Beaty, who was nearby.

The jury found Tyler guilty of first-degree murder in March.

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