Several students face discipline, possible charges after brawl at Belleville East

Students who were involved in a large fight at Belleville East High School may face criminal charges, according to the district’s superintendent.

The school district and Belleville police are investigating the fight, Dr. Jeff Dosier said.

“We have investigated, found out which kids were involved and they’re going to have both school consequences and in some cases, they will have charges from police,” he said.

An argument, which Dosier said started the night before between two students, sparked the fight that started with three students Thursday morning. Not long after, another student joined in and then several students who knew the four who were fighting started “skirmishing” as well.

“Luckily it was in an area where we did have staff but the kids refused to stop and got engaged in a fight,” Dosier said. “As kids do, they got overheated and it never works well when you try to settle a dispute with violence.”

Dosier said Belleville Police responded to the school to support the student resource officer at the school.

He added that the district is working to avoid situations like this by encouraging students to report issues they see and use their words to settle disputes. Recently, he said, the district hired several school counselors and social workers.

“We can’t have this kind of physical altercation to try to settle disputes, that never turns out well,” Dosier said. “We have to use conflict resolution whenever we can. We see this all too often where kids think it’s OK to fight and it’s not OK. never turns out well. “

A call for comment to Belleville Police was not returned by press time.

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