Judge: No mental-health court for woman accused of false Wild Country rape report


Lisa Soest
Lisa Soest

The next court date is coming up for a Missouri woman who is accused of making a false rape report, and requested that her case be transferred to Madison County’s mental health court.

Lisa Soest, 21, of Imperial, Mo. was charged with felony disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. She had reported that she was raped in the parking lot of the Wild Country nightclub in Collinsville on Feb. 4. Police investigated and concluded she had lied about the attack.

Her trial is tentatively scheduled for July 18 with Associate Judge Neil Schroeder presiding.

Soest is currently out on a $5,000 bond, and faces 1-3 years in prison or probation and a fine if convicted.

In April, Soest’s attorney filed a request to move the case to Madison County’s mental health court. The goal of mental health court to assist people with mental illness in the criminal justice system, to help nonviolent, mentally ill defendants get treatment. Those who successfully complete a treatment program get their charges dismissed and avoid jail time.

In order to qualify for mental health court, a defendant must have a pending nonviolent misdemeanor or felony, is eligible for probation, is willing to participate in a treatment program and has not been convicted of a violent crime in the last 10 years, among other requirements. The prosecutor and victim, if applicable, both must consent, and the defendant must have a chronic, major mental health diagnosis, separate from traumatic brain injury or developmental delays.

However, the defendant also must be a resident of Madison County. As Soest lives in Missouri, Madison County Circuit Judge Kyle Napp turned down her request four days after it was filed. The prosecution did not file a response to Soest’s request, according to the court files. In her order, Napp said that Soest could reapply for a mental-health court assessment if she moved to Madison County.

Soest is slated to appear in court next on July 18. Her attorney, Jessica Koester of Edwardsville, declined to comment Wednesday.