Award-winning teacher who ‘didn’t want anyone left out of science’ will retire

West Junior High School science teacher is retiring after 30 years

Donna Whitaker, a seventh-grade teacher science teacher at West Junior High School in Belleville, is retiring after 30 years. Whitaker said she rarely used the textbook, but instead developed hands-on lessons and real-world examples for generation
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Donna Whitaker, a seventh-grade teacher science teacher at West Junior High School in Belleville, is retiring after 30 years. Whitaker said she rarely used the textbook, but instead developed hands-on lessons and real-world examples for generation

Donna Whitaker discovered a passion for science at a young age — but not in a classroom.

“... I spent a lot of time outside playing in the mud in Georgia, just looking at nature and wondering why it all happened,” she said.

In school, Whitaker, 62, says her science teachers were asking her to memorize facts. That’s not what she wanted for the students in her classroom when she became a seventh-grade science teacher at West Junior High School in Belleville.

“If you give them the answer, what do they learn?” Whitaker said. “If you give them something to solve, they learn to think. ... Anybody can look something up, but to figure it out, that’s a different story.”

For the last 30 years, Whitaker said she rarely used the textbook and instead developed hands-on lessons and real-world examples for generations of seventh-graders. “See it, hear it, do it” was her motto, she said. She covered topics from astronomy to anatomy.

If you give them something to solve, they learn to think.

Donna Whitaker, retiring West Junior High School science teacher

Now, Whitaker is getting ready to start a new chapter in her own life: retirement. When she leaves the classroom, Whitaker said she wants to spend some time hiking and running, but beyond that, she’ll be making plans later.

“I have the summer to think about that,” she said.

During her career, Whitaker was recognized among educators in the St. Louis area with an Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. She was also a finalist for recognition at the state level: the 2013-14 Illinois Teacher of the Year award.

Belleville District 118 Superintendent Matt Klosterman says Whitaker was willing to work with any student in her time at West Junior High. He remembers that she brought students who had special needs into her classroom even before the state required that integration.

“She didn’t want anyone left out of science,” Klosterman said.

Whitaker says she’s been “blessed” to create her lessons for three decades. “I just love to see them react to it,” she said of her students.

She has unmatched passion about science and teaching science to kids.

Matt Klosterman, Belleville District 118 superintendent

Her favorite lessons have been on anatomy. Every year, Whitaker said seventh-graders can feel like surgeons as they dissect pigs in her classroom. She said they learn more about the body by seeing it for themselves rather than in a book.

“They’ve held the heart and the lungs in their hand. ... If they learned nothing else from my class, that’s what they remember,” she said.

Whitaker said she wanted to give students that opportunity because they might not be able to take an anatomy class in high school.

“The time I did that, I was in honors biology, and they’re doing this in seventh-grade,” she said.

Before Whitaker was a teacher, she was a chemist microbiologist out of college. But she said she realized she wasn’t ready to be out of a classroom.

Whitaker picked the junior high level because she said she wanted to inspire children to become as interested in science as she was at that age and continues to be.

“This is where I think it begins for a lot of students,” she said.

Klosterman says he thinks Whitaker has “unmatched passion” for science and teaching.

“Donna’s passion carried over to kids,” he said.

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Donna Whitaker

  • Age: 62
  • Lives in: Belleville
  • Family: Husband Herbert and two daughters, Heather and Lindsay
  • First school: West Junior High School
  • Favorite area of science: Forensics and anatomy
  • Her philosophy: “The purpose of education is to bring real-life situations into the classroom, teach the students how to learn from it, so that they may have the desire to become lifelong learners.”

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  • Kathy Goetter: Principal, Belle Valley School, 12 years
  • Alycia Obernuefemann: Teacher, Belle Valley School, 23 years
  • Toni Richter: Teacher, Belle Valley School, 36 years

Belleville 118*

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Region III Special Education Cooperative

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Wood River-Hartford 15

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Career Center of Southern Illinois

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(*Years of service not provided)

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