Student story: Archery becomes a new sport for students

Football and soccer, while widely popular sports, are not for everyone. Just like last year’s addition of a lacrosse team, Belleville West does its best to cater to the interests of all students. This year, Belleville West brings the opportunity for students to participate in a new, less well-known sport — archery.

Competitive archery consists of shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from a set distance or distances. The most popular form of archery in the United States today is called target archery.

With the help of Warren Fehrenz of Belleville East and Town Hall Archery, an archery league will be established at both Belleville West and Belleville East.

The original plan for the league was to only allow students from West and East to join. But, after some consideration, other schools in the area were asked to participate as well, in order for the league to be larger and for students taking part to be able to work together with new people.

“I am going to contact Freeburg, O’Fallon and Mascoutah high schools to see if any of their students want to participate,” Fehrenz said.

The pool of participants from these schools, along with the students from East and West that are interested in joining is expected to be large. To accommodate for the high interest, the league will be arranged into eight teams with four players per team. This will allow for numerous students to be able to join one of the eight teams.

Once teams are formed, the league will compete at 6 p.m. every Tuesday. The competitions will consist of the four teams shooting against each other. Since there will not be any formal practices, members of the teams will be allowed a few warm up shots before the competitions begin.

“Anyone can participate regardless of experience,” Fehrenz said.

If a student is interested in joining the archery league, but does not have the proper equipment to do so, he or she will be allowed to borrow equipment from Town Hall Archery for a minimal fee.

Students should not hesitate to join the team simply, because they do not have much experience with archery. Anyone can join the team, regardless of skill level. Even if the student has never done archery before, they will eventually learn through being a part of the league.

The league also offers the students who were previously interested in archery an outlet to perfect their skills that can be added to the list of clubs they are involved in at West. The addition of new sports such as archery encourages more student sponsored involvement and participation in school extra curricular activities.

“I think it’s a great way to get students who were not previously involved with an extracurricular to start getting involved,” senior Austin Cleveland said.

The formation an archery league has been rumored around West and East for a while. This year, archery will get the attention that many have been hoping for. The formation of this league is hoped to increase the chances of student involvement at West and surrounding schools.

With more students becoming involved in sports such as archery and lacrosse, which are both new additions to Belleville West, it allows for Belleville West to continue to add new extra curricular activities. This displays West’s desire to cater to the needs of all students.

Students that are interested in participating in the archery league can contact Town Hall Archery at 618-235-9881 for further information.