Higher Education: Want to learn to weld? Do it in three weekends at SWIC

If you’re a hot-rodder who wants to be able to work on your car in your garage or an aspiring artist who wants to learn how to make masterpieces out of metal, Southwestern Illinois College may have just the course for you.

The school will soon offer a course called Welding for the Average Joe at its Sam Wolf Granite City Campus.

The program is a three-session workshop designed not for people who want a career in welding but those who want to learn the basics of the trade for their own benefit. It costs $99 and the courses are scheduled Oct. 3, 10 and 17 from 8 a.m. until noon.

Folks who find they have an aptitude for welding can advance their skills by taking the follow-up course, Welding the Next Step - Beyond Average.

That course will focus on “higher level techniques” including machine setup, metallurgy, oxy-fuel equipment and TIG welding. It will be held Nov. 7, 14 and 21 from 8 a.m. until noon.

Interesting in signing up? Register at or call 618-222-5688.

As students settle into their new lives at college, McKendree University is offering a month of programming designed to help them stay safe.

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month. In observation, McKendree will offer presentations on fire safety, burglary prevention, self defense, emergency response tips, safeguarding yourself against drugs and protecting yourself during an active shooter situation.

The presentations will be made by the school’s public safety officers and could be beneficial for faculty and staff members as well as students.

Nationally, more than 85,000 crimes are reported to campus public safety, and that number barely scratches the surface of crimes committed against students. About 93% of crimes against students occur off campus.

On the same theme, SIUE is touting the fact that it was named the 25th-safest college town in America by SafeWise.

The report is based on FBI crime statistics.

SIUE “tries to be intentional about safety,” according to the report. It “employs technology like the Rave Guardian app, which allows users to set safety timers, message designated ‘guardians’ that can assist in cases of emergencies, and text crime tips to authorities.”

Charleston, home of Eastern Illinois University, came in second. It is the only other college town in the state to rank in the top 25.

The Lindenwood University-Belleville Psychology Department has received a $10,000 grant from the Monticello College Foundation to support research projects for women.

This gift will support two female undergraduate student psychology research projects. The two research projects will utilize electroencephalography to investigate two distinct focus areas. One study will focus on forensic psychology as it relates to eyewitness testimony, and the second research study will focus on cognitive psychology, investigating the impacts of music on neural efficiency.

Trisha Prunty, associate professor in psychology, said she appreciates the funding from the Monticello College Foundation, which will provide opportunity for additional benefits to students.

“There is a high probability that these research projects will be publishable,” Prunty said. “Student research, at this level, will provide students the unique opportunity to submit to conferences.”