She asked her grandson to turn the music down. Then he tried to drown her, police say

Springfield Police Department

When Isiah Vickery’s grandmother asked him to turn down the rap music he was playing at her apartment Sunday night, she hardly expected him to respond with violence.

According to Springfield, Ore. police, the 65-year-old woman told her grandson that she objected to the lyrics and asked him to lower the volume. Instead, Vickery, 24, responded by attempting to drown her in her own toilet and bathtub, police told KVAL.

Vickery “basically attacked her and tried to strangle her,” Detective Sgt. David Lewis told the station, adding that the grandmother had described him “trying to break her neck."

Her grandson then dragged her by the hair to the bathroom to try and drown her in her toilet, Lewis added. “When the toilet didn't work too well for him, he started drawing a bath.”

Vickery fled as neighbors called for help, but was found Monday night near his grandmother’s home and arrested, acording to Springfield police. He has been charged with several felonies, including attempted murder and fourth-degree assault, according to the Register-Guard.

Vickery’s grandmother, who had some of her hair pulled out during the confrontation, is expected to recover, Lewis told KVAL.

The Register-Guard reported Vickery was previously convicted in September 2013 on charges related to delivering heroin, and faced a domestic violence charge in a separate incident for which he was found not guilty in May. Vickery was also convicted in September 2010 of several charges including reckless driving and attempting to escape a police officer, the paper reported.