Firefighters just keep making babies at this Oklahoma station, and more are on the way

The Norman Fire Department in Oklahoma is experiencing a “baby boom.”
The Norman Fire Department in Oklahoma is experiencing a “baby boom.” Norman Fire Department, Facebook

These ten men have more than just fighting fires in common — they’ve also all contributed to a “baby boom” at the Norman Fire Department in Oklahoma.

In the last year, nine newborns have joined the firefighting family, the department posted to Facebook last week. Oh, and two more babies are on the way.

The dads all suited up in their firefighter-red t-shirts and uniform work pants to take a photo with their new additions — and with the ultrasound images of the two babies still to come.

The men posed in front of a Norman Fire-Rescue truck and held their babies who wore white onesies (and hair bows for the girls, of course).

There is no doubt that people love this photo of the men and their newborns.

The baby boom all started with firefighter Aaron Easter and his wife, Kylie, who are the parents of the oldest baby in the photo, News9 reported. They delivered baby Live in August 2017.

“She started this mess,” Kylie Easter told the station.

The youngest baby was born this month, the fire department posted.

I didn’t know there were so many,” firefighter Jordan West told the Norman Transcript. “I thought there was only three or four (babies), but that was just the crew I was on. I showed up today for the photo and there were like 10 of us.”

West told the newspaper that having support from other firefighting families has made the baby-raising process easier. His wife delivered their baby on July 4.

“The fire department is like a second extended family,” he told the Norman Transcript. “It’s a lot easier to relate, and you definitely have something to talk about.”

And this extended firefighter family isn’t unique to the Norman department.

In May, a photo of seven newborns born to Glenpool, Oklahoma firefighters went viral on Facebook.

“Don’t drink the water at the GFD..,” wife Sarah Hutchinson said on Facebook when she posted the photo of the new dads with their babies.

And last year, in Iowa, six babies were born in seven months.

“The running joke was that we were without fire calls for a while,” 29-year-old firefighter Adam Welp told Inside Edition. “We didn’t plan it or anything; it just kind of snowballed.”

There are also six nurses at a North Carolina cancer center who recently found out they are all pregnant. They are now known as “The Fabulous Six Pack.”

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