‘50 Shades of Maple Glen.’ Neighbors hot, bothered over sale of home with ‘sex oasis’

Neighbors in an upscale Philadelphia suburb are furious that a local real estate agent is selling a Colonial home on their street by highlighting the “Fifty Shades of Grey” sex room in the basement.
Neighbors in an upscale Philadelphia suburb are furious that a local real estate agent is selling a Colonial home on their street by highlighting the “Fifty Shades of Grey” sex room in the basement. Instagram/Melissa Leonard

It is apparently safe to assume that the neighbors who live near the stately brick Colonial at 1612 Norristown Road in suburban Philadelphia were never invited over for dinner.

Or if they were, they didn’t go down to the basement. Because they are in a lather now over how real state agent Melissa Leonard is selling the home, which from the outside looks a lot like Macaulay Culkin’s “Home Alone” house.

Leonard has nicknamed it “50 Shades of Maple Glen” because of the “sex oasis” in the basement - and as a wink to the “50 Shades of Grey” book/movie series depicting the sweaty, erotic underbelly of physical attraction.

The whips and chains come with the house.

“It’s a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, a great school district,” Leonard said, according to Slate magazine.

The home’s listing on the Coldwell Banker website refers to it as a “one of a kind suburban home.” The asking price: $750,000.

“Private quiet lane of 3 homes leads you to a secluded 4 bedrooms upstairs plus 1 bedroom in basement 2.5 bath colonial home located just 15 miles outside Philadelphia in the suburb of Maple Glen,” the listing reads.

The house has three fireplaces, hardwood floors, a newly updated gourmet kitchen and a big deck, according to the listing.

“In addition to the home gym, the basement has been outfitted so that you and your (partner/spouse/guest/friend) can enjoy a fun and exciting evening of BDSM play,” writes Philadelphia magazine.

“You’ll find all the furniture and equipment you need to tie up your intended and have your way: stocks in the four-poster bed, a rack, whips, chains, the whole nine yards.”

“The owner currently rents it out on Airbnb for $750 a night during the week and $2000 a night on weekends,” Leonard said, Philadelphia magazine reported. “He just started this and has made $5,000 in his first month. He’s getting constant bookings, and he even was hired to film a rap video there.”

KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia reported that some real estate websites removed photos of the sexy basement when they listed the house, “which bothered Leonard.”

“I am very comfortable with it, talking about it, showing it,” she said, according to the Philadelphia radio station. “It’s portraying the realness of the house. I don’t want to lie and say it’s not there, that’s why I left (the listing) the way it was.”

Since the listing went public - and quickly viral - Leonard has been tied up by reporters, lookie-loos and steamed neighbors.

“Yes a lot of people are curious,” she said, KYW reported. “They want to see it, they wonder if we’re having an open house, which I am not because I do not want people coming in that are not serious buyers.”

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When Slate tried to interview her by phone, Leonard kept getting interrupted by angry neighbors. Slate published her conversation with one of them. It went like this.

“Male voice: ‘Are you the real estate agent?’

Leonard: ‘Yes. I’m Melissa.’”

Male voice: ‘We’re very upset about this whole thing. We do not want something like this in our neighborhood. Take that off the internet. That’s disgusting. We don’t want that.’

Leonard: ‘Sir, if the owner wants those photos on the listing, that’s their choice!’

Male voice: ‘You’ve got to take them down! We live next door and we don’t want this!’

Leonard: ‘You’re angry at me but you’re really angry at the owner. I’m trying to sell the house as fast as possible.’

Male voice: ‘People are all over the neighborhood and they’re all saying they’re here to see the sex house!’”