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Candidate Profile: John Wilson

John Wilson
John Wilson

Name: John Wilson

Age: 68

Family: Kristin- daughter, Brianna, Brooke, Bracelynn, and Kevin- grandchildren

Town: Caseyville

Office Seeking: Caseyville Township Trustee

Occupation: Retired railroad.

Previous Offices: Precinct committeeman for 13 terms. Fire District Trustee for 28 years. Past President of Transport Workers Union Railroad Division Local 2037 from 1972-1988.

Why I am running: To work to improve and inform township residents of programs that are sponsored by their tax dollars, such as senior citizen and general assistance programs.

What is your view on township government and its role?: My view and role of the township is to maintain township roads, and ensure adequate means of controlling water runoff, maintain sanitary township sewer system infrastructure and improve on current programs and activities for our residents and seniors.

What is the most important issues facing Caseyville Township? How would you approach it?: I believe the main issues facing our township are the ever-expanding sewer system, the cost of sewer tap in fees and programs for seniors that have not been allowed to be expanded on. Our sewer tap in fees need to be adjusted to enhance area developers as opposed to scaring them off. Programs for seniors can certainly be expanded on without any drastic effect on the current township budgets. It just requires the willingness to implement.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say?: Must be honest, hardworking, willing to work with the employees and their duly elected representatives, and attend all board meetings. Keeping in mind at all times that we are there to represent the tax payers of our township.

Why should people vote for you?: I am asking for your vote so I can account to the residents how and why your tax dollars are appropriated and how and where those tax dollars are expended. I will work to serve all the residents of our township, not just a select few.