Candidate Profile: John Baricevic

John Baricevic
John Baricevic

Name: John Baricevic

Age: 68

Immediate family members: Wife, Marti, and four children.

Occupation: Circuit Judge

Office sought: Circuit Judge, 20th Judicial Circuit

Party affiliation: Democrat

Previous elected positions and years served: States Attorney 1980 -1990, County Board Chairman 1990 - 2004, Circuit Judge 2004 -2016

Why are you running?: To continue my effort of providing a system where all litigants are treated fairly, to continue efforts to assist veterans and provide safe neighborhoods

Do you believe judges should be able resign in order to run for election, rather than retention? Why or why not?: Yes, authorized by the Illinois Constitution, approved by the Ill. Supreme Court and places the choice of judge in the hands of the citizens who can choose who is the best candidate.

Do you plan to serve your full term?: Yes

There’s an opioid and drug abuse problem in the area. How should law enforcement approach the issue to stem the tide of drug abuse?: Work with the medical community to reduce dependance on opioid based pain medication. Tough sentencing on dealers, increase efforts to treat users by drug court, drug schools and treatment.

What is the biggest issue facing our court system, and how would you address it?: Access to justice. Continuing to improve the system so that all litigants can have their case heard timely and fairly.

Why should people vote for you?: The most experienced, proven leadership and integrity, rated highly by my peers, continue to work to improve treatment option for veterans