Candidate Profile: Bob Romanik

Bob Romanik
Bob Romanik

NAME: Bob Romanik

AGE: 67


OCCUPATION: Radio talk show host

OFFICE SOUGHT: General Assembly 114th District

PARTY: Republican


Q. Why are you running?

A. To truly bring our government back to the people, the people who have been betrayed by our greasy, sleazy politicians.

Q. The state recently passed a stopgap budget, but a long-term solution to budget issues has evaded the General Assembly and governor’s office. How should the state solve its budget issues?

A. Cut every elected politician’s salary in half and take away any and all pension benefits from any part-time elected official. Cut wasteful spending on politicians and their family and political friends.

Q. Should the state raise income taxes, other taxes or fees, in order fix the budget issues? Why or why not?

A. No, I will never, ever vote for a tax increase but will advocate spending less on wasteful projects and political pork.

Q. How can Illinois grow its economy?

A. Cut taxes on our citizens and businesses and then money will flow and businesses will grow, helping our citizens and our economy.

Q. How should the state solve its pension crisis?

A. This is a problem that has to be addressed in a very non-partisan way and the future pension situation has to be addressed in a very serious manner cutting the pension and benefits for future pension receivers.

Q. How should the state approach funding of public education? Is the system broken? If so, how you would fix it?

A. Unless there are drastic cuts across the board in all aspects of government, there will never be an answer to this very serious question.