Candidate Profile: Carol Clark

Carol Clark
Carol Clark

Name: Carol D. Clark

Age: 58

Immediate Family Members: One daughter-Jamie R. Dunleavy, two grandchildren - Alex and Raegan

Occupation: Retired from AT&T, Office Supervisor at Caseyville Township

Office Sought: County Board Member District #29

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Previous elected positions and years served: County Board member for 8 years

Why are you running?: To continue to assist the residents in my district and the county. I serve on several board committees, which provides insight to many things available for county residents. I share this information with residents in hopes that it helps make their lives a little easier and that they will be proud to say they reside in St Clair County.

What is the biggest issue facing St. Clair County, and how should elected officials and county staff approach it?: Based on my constituants and conversations with county residents in general, property taxes. To assess all properties in a timely manner and fairly. Reassessments should be handled the same way.

What are your views on MidAmerica Airport, and how should the county handle the future of the airport?: Mid America Airport has landed some substantial well known businesses in recent years. Allegiant Airlines continues to add flights and many residents take advantage of these as there is less waiting time for boarding and the airport is easy access from many nearby cities/counties. We should continue forward with acquiring additional businesses to locate here. In addition, the airport also builds on our relationship with Scott AFB.

What improvements do you want to see in how the county is run?: More streamlining in all departments and introducing new technology to bring the county in line with more "techie" government agencies.

Do you plan to serve the full term of office?: Yes

Why should people vote for you?: So that I am able to continue with the district and county work that is needed to better the lives of our residents. I have helped many residents with property tax, zoning, road, drainage, and other issues. I hope the residents feel that I am worthy of being re-elected.