Candidate profile: Donald Moore

NAME: Don Moore

AGE: 59

IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Felicia (wife), daughters Emily and Megan


OFFICE SOUGHT: Madison County Board 2nd District



Why are you running for this office?

I am running for a seat on the Madison County Board to represent the interests of Troy residents on matters that impact their quality of life. Being that our District is predominately made up of conservative Republicans, I believe that my principles, values, beliefs, and strong fiscal conservative nature is a perfect match to our Mid-Western values.

What would be your top priority if elected or re-elected?

My top priority would be to make it easy and simple for Troy residents to contact me when they have questions, want to inform, or want to advise me on issues that impact their homes, their property, their lives and their family. I have a Facebook page where I express my political views dealing with current events, anything important to me, or anything that I believe may be important to residents of our community. I began this Facebook page “DonaldMooreMadisonCo” in January 2016 when I decided to run for a seat on the County Board. For a better understanding of my character, my beliefs, and my values, please take some time and look it over.

What other changes or improvements would you seek in this office?

Equally important to my top priority mentioned above, I would seek to improve the effectiveness of spending taxpayer dollars. I would frame any decision that I make, which involves the expenditure of taxpayer dollars, as if those dollars belonged to me and my family. Additionally, I would propose to the Chairman to form an ad hoc committee that is chartered to “seek out” existing budgeted line items to ensure these dollars are essential and still relevant. Any budget line item(s) that is not completely essential or no longer relevant, will be recommended for removal or reduction and the results of these efforts would be used as an argument to reduce taxes even further.

Madison County is considering a 5-cent cut to its property tax rate. Are you in favor? Why or why not?

Yes, I am in favor of a reducing property taxes. Be prepared to answer “yes” or “no” to a question on your General Election ballot when you vote on November 8th. This tax referendum question was made possible by fiscally conservative members of your community, of which I am proud to have been a part. Ten-thousand signatures were collected by us earlier this year in order to give you, the taxpayer, the power and the opportunity to vote whether or not you want to lower your tax bill. It is worth noting that there was opposition within Madison County to giving you the power and opportunity to lower your taxes. The current political party in charge and some independents in Madison County believe that the “surplus” taxes they collect every year is “their money”. Well, it is not their money, it is your money!

Why should the voters elect you?

My primary role as your Board Member would be as a steward of your tax dollars and to reduce your annual tax bill where possible. Secondly, I would respond to your questions or inquires swiftly, with the objective of producing results. Political responses that are swift, and politicians that work hard to serve their constituents are meaningless unless they can product results. I have the capacity to produce results. My financial experience and leadership developed over the past 30 years, working on multi-billion dollar budgets, have honed skills that produce results. But these skills are not my strong suit. My strong suit comes from being a U. S. Marine. My strongest skills are integrity, responsibility, and accountability. This is what I do and who I am.