Candidate Profile: Jean Quirin Frierdich

Jean Quirin Frierdich
Jean Quirin Frierdich

Name: Jean Quirin Frierdich

Age: 60

Immediate family members: She and her husband Dennis, have three grown children.

Town: Belleville

Office seeking: Stookey Township Trustee

Occupation: Owner of Frierdich Fireworks. Author of “You and Me, God”

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Republican precinct committeemen in Stookey Township.

Why are you running? My goal is to make Stookey Township the kind of community for our citizens to keep property value strong. To be open and honest for Stookey Township residents.

What is your view on township government and its role? Stookey Township ensures that its safety needs are adequately addressed.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? I am a precinct committeemen in Stookey precinct one. I have lived in Stookey Township for over 50 years. I also have a successful business in Stookey. I have leadership skills and experiences. A fair and honest representative for the residents.

What is the most important issue facing Stookey Township? How would you approach it? Water and streets is an issue in Stookey. I have talked to residents about the issues. How would you approach it - Define the problem, develop a plan, implement the plan, evaluate the results.

Why should people vote for you? Many residents in Stookey are, Yes, a great bunch of people; and Yes I am there with an open heart and open mind to be open to Stookey Township residents as their trustee.