Candidate profile: Aaron Kramper

Name: Aaron S. Kramper

Age: 53

Immediate Family members: wife, Melanie; sons, Zachary and Alex; daughter, Megan

Home: St. Libory

Office seeking: Freeburg Community High School Board of Education

Occupation: Dairy and Grain Farmer

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Freeburg Community High School Board of Education member since 2005

Why are you running? I believe I am a good listener. I believe it is important to be able to listen to all sides of an issue and then make an informed decision for the good of the entire school community.

What is the most important issue facing the Freeburg High School District? How would you approach it? Obviously, the financial crisis facing the district is the most pressing issue. I trust in our administration. I listen to the recommendations of our administration and then make the best decision for the students of our district.

Should a school district’s teacher demographics mirror that of its student demographics? Why or why not? Freeburg Community High School has always had very good teachers. I believe in bringing in the best teachers to teach our students.

How much emphasis should your school district put on STEM education? The study of Math, Science and Technology are going to be very important to our students future. I was supportive of our Boards decision to go 1:1 four years ago. I think FCHS was ahead of the curve on technology. I think it’s important to continue to have high expectations for our students in all areas of our curriculum.

What are your views on the high school's mascot? I was a Midget and all of my kids were Midgets. The Board of Education has always supported the Midget. The Midget mascot is strong and well in Freeburg.

In St. Clair County, there will be votes for two sales tax referendums. One would benefit school facility costs, one would benefit public safety. Do you support either or both of the referendums? Why or why not? Obviously, the County School 1% sales tax initiative is important to FCHS. It’s a win/win for our community. FCHS will reduce the tax rate for its tax paying residents in addition to make needed improvements to the facility.

Why should people vote for you? I have always put the welfare of our students first. I do not come to the board table with an agenda. I listen to the recommendation of our administration and other board members before making the best decision for kids. I have done this for 12 years, and will continue to do this for the next four if I’m elected.